Problems accessing the platform Sue, the regional councilor of Calabria Antonio Lo Schiavo presents a question


By John

«Through a written question, addressed to the president of the regional council Roberto Occhiuto, I asked to focus attention on the inefficiencies that occur in the use of the regional Sue platform (One Stop Shop for Construction). These are problems reported several times by the professional associations of the category, which daily face technical difficulties in accessing the portal and in uploading the paperwork which, in several cases, is not successful due to the slowness of the platform”. This is what the regional councilor announced Antonio Lo Schiavo, president of the Mixed Group – Freely Progressives. «Furthermore, operators complain about inefficiencies which seem to be caused also by the so-called continuous “scheduled maintenance”. Considering that the portal does not seem capable of guaranteeing agility and streamlined presentation of building projects, nor the much vaunted speed in issuing authorization certificates and opinions; that the technical inefficiency of the platform is causing damage not only to professionals but also to citizens who turn to the professionals themselves, I asked: if you are aware of the inefficiencies in question and the dysfunctions linked to the Sue platform; what urgent initiatives are intended to be undertaken in order to overcome the critical issues reported by the professional associations; if it is intended to evaluate the convening of a technical table with the professional associations and trade organizations to define common solutions necessary to obtain complete, efficient and effective operation of the Sue portal”.