Procurement and corruption, the precautionary measure for Sebastiano Romeo from Reggio is annulled


By John

The Court of Review of Naples has canceled the precautionary measure of the obligation to report to the judicial police issued by the investigating judge of Naples Anthony Baldassarre last January 15th against Sebastiano Romeo, investigated for influence peddling as part of an investigation by the Guardia di Finanza and the Naples Prosecutor’s Office into alleged crimes in the awarding of certain contracts. According to what was learned, the judge deemed the precautionary requirements to be non-existent. According to the investigators, Romeo (defended by the lawyer Christmas Polimeni) in his capacity as provincial secretary of the Democratic Party in Reggio Calabria, committed the crime continuously and in collaboration with five other suspects: Nicola Oddati, Salvatore Musella, Gianluca Flaminio And Luciano Santoro. In particular, he is accused of having received 10 thousand euros to favor the Puteolano entrepreneur Salvatore Musella “in the awarding of contracts to be identified”.