“Reading to…dance”: the dance show “Pinocchio” arrives in Rende, at the Tau of Unical


By John

“Reading to…dance” is a project conceived by Rosanna Pasi and implemented by the dance schools that are part of the National Federation of Dance Schools Association. It was created to include dance schools in the production of projects/shows for children's theatre. It is always inspired by a literary and/or poetic text shared with the teachers of the institutional school.
And in Calabria, in Rende specifically and at the Tau theater of Unical, the dance show “Pinocchio” will be staged on March 19th and 20th.
The dance schools “Ilaria Dima”, “Hale Bopp”, “Accademia della dance” and the Liceo Coreutico “da Fiore” of Rende, thanks also to the patronage of the municipalities of Montalto Uffugo, Cerzeto and Luzzi, with the University of Calabria , they decided to create the show for comprehensive schools and involve parents, teachers, teachers and citizens. Deus ex machina is the maestro Antonio De Luca who manages the organizational direction. Heart and passion, talents and stories. The director of the project is maestro Arturo Cannistrà, who makes use of an important working group. Extraordinarily, Rosanna Pasi, President of the National Federation of Dance School Associations (FNASD), will also be present.
“Dance as a language of training”, says Maestro Antonio De Luca. A dance show for children's theatre, therefore, made by children, which always starts from the reading of a book. Why is it done? “To interact with school, which is where the children go to in the morning. To do this we took the tool that the school recognizes: the book.” Furthermore, creating opportunities to frequent the theater which is an extraordinary place of communication, not only for those on stage but also for those watching from the audience.
There are two pieces of news to highlight, again. Meanwhile, the “Gioacchino da Fiore” high school, for the first time in Italy, has created a public-private synergy to promote the initiative. “I would like to publicly thank the school director, Brunella Baratta, who immediately embraced our project without hesitation”, comments De Luca. And then the presentation press conference scheduled for March 18th at 5.30 pm.
Worth mentioning are the choreographers who created the entire work, assisted by the master and director Arturo Cannistrà. This is Ilaria Dima for the “Ilaria Dima dance school”,
Erica Spaltro for “Hale Bopp dance”, Simona Altomonte for “Accademia della dance”, Gemma Cesario and Melania Scudiero for “Gioacchino Da Fiore”.
External tutor, also in this case, Antonio De Luca.
A wonderful initiative then. She dances and laughs, learns and reflects. “Pinocchio”, at Tau, is certainly among the most anticipated events of the coming weeks.