Reclamation of the Crotone territory, the commitment of the institutions in a permanent table


By John

Environmental protection and citizens’ right to live in healthy places. It is around these themes that the meeting organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro, Crotone and Vibo Valentia revolved and which recorded the authoritative presence of the extraordinary commissioner delegated for the reclamation of the SIN of Crotone, Cassano and Cerchiara, Emilio Errigoand the person responsible for the Sites of the Calabria Region of ENI Rewind, Antonio Zito.

In Crotone, the Chamber of Commerce has decided, in agreement with the extraordinary commissioner, to put everyone around the table to encourage a discussion between the institutions called upon to make the territory safe, for the benefit of the citizens and businesses that operate here in the with a view to encouraging economic development.

The meeting, aimed at sharing the information and data necessary for the most rapid planning of the activities to be undertaken for the reclamation of the Crotone area, was particularly well attended. There were numerous interventions on such a delicate topic of social interest, the vice president of the Province of Crotone participated in the debate Fabio Manicathe president of Confcommercio Crotone Antonio Casillothe vice-president of Confindustria Alessandro Uglythe director of “Il Crotonese” Giuseppe Pipitathe secretary of Uil Crotone Fabio Tomainothe secretary of the CISL Magna Grecia Luigi Tallaricothe representative of the New Pythagorean School Marco Tricolithe president of Confagricoltura Diego Zurlothe episcopal director of the Archdiocese of Crotone-Santa Severina Rossella Spinellithe artist Gaspare Da Brescia of the New Pythagorean School, the presidential representative of the CIA Gaetano Potenzone, Mario Patanisi by Ance Crotone, Sabatino Vetta member of the committee for the merger of the Crotone Municipalities, Sandro Tricoli representative of WWF Crotone e Giovanni Ferrarelli director of Confcommercio Calabria Centrale. All those present appreciated the words of Commissioner Emilio Errigo and expressed their willingness to collaborate, to work united, all in the same direction to create the conditions for development of the Crotone area.

“My commitment is to help citizens live a better life” is what the commissioner declared Emilio Errigo in his speech. «I found maximum availability in Eni but it is necessary to all work together to bring Crotone back to life. Help from everyone is needed – the general then added – and it is for this reason that I welcomed President Falbo’s intention to immediately establish a permanent working table to discuss reclamation activities. I am convinced that, by working together and pursuing the only common objective, the remediation of contaminated areas, the city of Crotone and its citizens will be able to rediscover that enthusiasm that has lain dormant for years, offering future generations a healthy environment where they can live in peace” .

«I greatly appreciated the enthusiasm of General Errigo, a Calabrian who loves Calabria, a man of great sensitivity and high cultural depth and I thank him personally and on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce» commented the president of the Chamber of Commerce Pietro Falbo. «Today’s meeting is more a work table than a meeting. From today this common path takes shape with the launch

Of a permanent discussion on the topic of reclamation. The Chamber of Commerce shows full availability for collaboration and interaction between local authorities, the business system and all the stakeholders of the Crotone area, essential for the economic and social development so desired by the territory”.