Reggina, fourth place is now safer


By John

We are preparing for a peaceful Easter in the Reggina house. The victory against Akragas calmed the spirits, above all giving the team elements to look to the future with confidence. The three points made it possible to move away from Real Casalnuovo, defeated by Igea Virtus, slightly deflating the stakes for the direct clash scheduled for Sunday 7 April. Fourth place is now safer. The team will have Easter and Easter Monday as days off, while they trained yesterday and will do so again today at the Sant'Agata sports center. The group will have the opportunity to disconnect and recharge their batteries in view of the final days of the championship and possibly also the playoffs.

A goal that in any case would only represent a starting point. The objective will be to make as much progress as possible, with the awareness that the next few weeks will have to be about growth to get closer to that level that the team has not reached until now. Which would allow it to question the supremacy shown by all the teams at the top of the table in direct comparison. Also because the amaranths, predictably, would initially find themselves facing one between Siracusa and Vibonese already in the first round. And they will do it away, in the same dimension in which they have achieved four defeats in the last five matches.

It almost seems like two championships are being played. One of the lineups above is another from fourth place down. In the first case the amaranths are last, in the other the music changed in the second round. Seven home victories in the last nine matches at the Granillo demonstrate undeniable progress. Data which would have been even better if some opportunities had been achieved in the drawn matches against San Luca and Portici. The last home defeat dates back to the match against Portici, the next opponent.

It's quite impressive to talk about the need for improvement after a top five against a good team like Akragas. However, this is the inevitable fate for those who find themselves representing Reggio Calabria in Serie D. Honors (at the moment few to be honest) and burdens also for the club.
The match against the Sicilians was the first home outing since Reggina 1914 went into judicial liquidation. From the “Granillo”, with particular reference to the Curva Sud, clear messages were renewed for the club”. “We want our history back” and “enough alibis” were chants that renewed the manifestation of the main desire of a large segment of fans: to have the brand back as an absolute priority. A desire expressed even more clearly by a banner: “Enough alibis! No justification: we want brand, history and name to restore dignity to our tradition.” A stage that involves an economic sacrifice, in a situation where there is no shortage of other interested parties. The reference is to the former president of Sampdoria Massimo Ferrero. It is clear that a possible acquisition of the brand should be combined with a sports title.