Reggina, here are the first moves: Barranco’s signing announced


By John

Sudden acceleration, after weeks in which silence had been the real protagonist of Reggina’s communication. Few press releases had interrupted it, but now the time is ripe to start turning the page on this front. And the official news are clear proof of this: the announcement of the first purchase, the communication of the presentation date of the technician Pergolizzi and the new subscription campaign. Everything arrived in one day.
It was in the air that Bruno Ignacio Barranco would be the first reinforcement for the attack. Annual contract for him. The Argentine center forward will try to repeat the performance of last season. In D, between Albenga and Folgore Caratese, he scored 20 goals. That is the threshold to approach to be considered the ideal striker of a team that wants to win the championship. He is not one of those strikers – career in hand – accustomed to fighting to excel in the top amateur championship, but he arrives in Reggio with the pedigree of someone who has been in double figures for three years. Since he has been in Italy he has done so in Eccellenza with Vergano, then in D with Stresa Vergante and, finally, in the season just ended. Reggina’s tradition with Argentine strikers is not the best. German Denis was a splendid exception, but from Gustavo Reggi to Tomas Bolzicco there have been few goalscorers from the South American nation..
A little curiosity is that Barranco took his first steps as a footballer in Ferro Carril Oeste, the team from which Reggina took the first Argentine striker in its history: Carlos Alberto Yaquè. His experience in Reggio lasted a few weeks at the start of the 1998-99 season (with only two appearances). A precedent that Barranco, with experience in Greece behind him, can exorcise with goals.
Those that, to be clear, Rosario Pergolizzi will ask him. On Tuesday 9th July, finally, the coach will release his first statements as a new coach. The presentation will take place at 10.30 am in the Sala dei Lampadari of Palazzo San Giorgio. The new company organizational chart will also be made official on this occasion, and there should be no surprises: after parting ways with DS Maurizio Pellegrino, Pippo Bonanno will be in charge of the technical management. Patron Ballarino, on the other hand, should leave the position of general manager that he held pro tempore. Giuseppe Praticò, who had the role of club manager in the season just ended, will take his place. Also significant is the announced presence of mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà. We could also talk about the Sant’Agata sports centre (owned by the Metropolitan City), for which the club is still waiting to understand which path it will take taken to obtain an extension for the six-month concession that began in January and is now expiring. And who knows, maybe the situation will be resolved sooner.
On the new arrivals front, the announcements of the signings of Riccardo Malara and Mohamed Laaribi are still missing. For both, the operations are almost defined and awaiting officialization.