Reggio, Falcomatà presents the new council but there remain… three empty seats


By John

The day of the revelation to present the new executive. Who knows the mayor’s passion Falcomata for classical culture he was not surprised by the choice of Epiphany for the announcement that has kept the city suspended for two months. And if it is true that “politics has its liturgies” to consume, it is equally true that “the mayor has the duty to respond to the needs of the city”. And so after a long tug-of-war with the majority parties, his PD at the head, Falcomatà breaks through. During the last council he had clearly said that he «does not recognize himself in the figure of the fearful Don Abbondio», he challenges the coalition «he leaves the mandate objectives unchanged which have not changed compared to 2020» but redesigns the team «invigorated with technical skills and capabilities professional”. An executive of professionals to change pace and approach. This is what he underlined several times during the press conference. Six councilors and three seats still empty, perhaps in the hope that an agreement with the Dems can still mature.

The delegations

Paolo Brunettideputy mayor, Clean and Safe City department, with responsibilities for the Environment, the Integrated Waste Water Cycle, Local Police, Public Residential Buildings (Erp).
Francis Constantinedepartment of the City of the Future, with responsibility for Public Works and Major Works and implementation and execution of the Three-Year Plan for Public Works.
Marisa LanucaraDepartment of Productive City, with mandates for Economic Development and Productive Activities, organization and reorganization of markets, relations with trade associations.
Paolo Malaradepartment of the sustainable and accessible city, with mandates for urban and sustainable planning policies and programs, climate adaptation, urban regeneration, strategic project planning, elimination of architectural barriers, mobility, parking and transport, proximity cities and smart cities, port and Airport, Strait Integrated Area.
Carmelo RomeoEuropean and Resilient City department, with mandates for the programming and remodulation of community resources, Pon Metro, Pacts for the South, Urban Agenda, Sea Museum, Palace of Justice and Municipal Lido, Digital Transition.
Elisa Zoccalidepartment of the Orderly City, with delegations to Private Construction, Building Amnesty.

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