Reggio, illegal construction in Botteghelle: fines of over 20 thousand euros, complaints and seizures


By John

The local police Reggio Calabriayesterday, carried out a commercial anti-illegal activity service at the Botteghelle market.

As a result of the checks, aimed at protecting consumers and free competition, four operators were identified who sold food products and did not lack the required legal authorisations. For the merchants, administrative fines of over 5,000 euros each were imposed as well as the seizure of the goods. In fact, approximately 45 kg of fruit and vegetables were placed under lock and key and then donated to charity at the disposal of SUAP, as well as numerous pieces of various goods including bags, lamps, bracelets and rings..

The total administrative sanctions imposed amount to over 20,000 euros. Another seller of non-EU origin was caught, despite having a licence, selling knives of a prohibited type, as well as tobacco accessory products (rolling papers, rolling machines, etc.), in violation of sector legislative regulations.

The subject was immediately identified and referred to the judicial authority for the crimes of illegal sale of objects capable of offending and sale of tobacco products without Monopolies registration. The goods on display were immediately seized and made available to the judicial authorities. The hypotheses of crime against the latter seller must be examined and confirmed by the judicial authority.