Reggio, Lamberti breaks the delay: «I already have six lists». The entrepreneur aims to be mayor


By John

“I already have six lists ready.” Eduardo Lamberti-Castronuovo never speaks at random, if he gives breath to his vocal cords he always aims at a goal. And this time he is aiming straight for Palazzo San Giorgio, aware that he has a good chance of winning the mayor's seat. «I know well that the municipal elections are about two years away but I believe – observes the entrepreneur with a passion for politics – that it is never too early to organize and play a leading role in the challenge of the next electoral appointment». It is no coincidence that he has also opened a political secretariat to “listen” to the city and its needs and, right there, next Friday, he will present his political project to the city. «The worst thing about the current municipal administration is that it has dampened the enthusiasm in the city – says Lamberti Castronuovo –. We need to reverse course and start again from our best energies which are our young people. Today a boy from Reggio at 17 is already thinking about going out and once he goes out it is difficult for him to come back. We have the task of making Reggio attractive again for its young people, otherwise we have all already lost.”

What would you do to reverse the trend?

«A simple thing that is revolutionary at the same time».


«We need to put the good of the city back at the center of every activity. We need to think about how to serve the city and not how to use the city. This alone would be enough to restore impetus and new hope to the people of Reggio.”

Which political party are you looking at?

“To nobody. It seems solar to me that in this period the parties have failed in their task. And then just think of the last municipal elections with the League which imposed its candidate on the city. Nino Minicuci is a decent person but he was indigestible to the city and it was known even before the electoral result and yet the center-right parties accepted it passively with the result that everyone saw. The decisions taken in Rome by those who do not know the city have been and will always be harmful.”