Reggio, the data on businesses: only artisans hold sway


By John

During 2023, 2,191 new businesses were registered in the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabriahowever decreasing compared to 2022, e there were 1,949 cessations of activity, net of official cancellations; the positive balance obtained at the end of the period is therefore equal to 242 units.
To the actual cancellations from the Chamber of Commerce register, we must add the official terminations carried out periodically by the Chamber of Commerce for companies that have not been operational for more than three years. Consequently, the amount of registered companies may decrease even in the presence of a positive balance between the registration and termination flows, the latter being calculated net of those administratively arranged by the Chambers.
Given these dynamics, in December 2023 the entrepreneurial system of the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria is made up of 53,060 registered companies (28.3% of regional companies) down by 2.6% compared to the stock recorded as of 12/31/ 2022, when there were 54,462. In the metropolitan city there is a contraction of active businesses, i.e. that part of registered businesses that has carried out effective production activity for at least six months during the year; as of 31 December 2023, their number was 45,090 (-2.4% compared to 2022).
There are 12,785 female businesses (24.1% of the total), down by 301 units. Foreign companies represent 9.4% of Chamber of Commerce companies, down by only 10 units compared to the same period of the previous year. Youth businesses, on the other hand, which represent 10.6% of total businesses, recorded a positive registry balance of 420 units.

In fact, only the artisans rule: During 2023 in the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria, 496 new artisan businesses were registered against 532 cessations of activity; the negative balance obtained at the end of the period is therefore equal to -36 units.