Rende raises the barricades, city against the merger


By John

The barricades, the unique city, the administrative offices and the… popes. Everything and the opposite of everything. In Rende, on Monday, an important meeting is expected, a public assembly at 6.30 pm in a well-known hotel in Quattromiglia, to try to find the synthesis for a common battle. Does Rende and the Rendesi want to unite with Cosenza and Castrolibero? Or not?
«No one can miss it» The appeal has now been launched. Pierpaolo Iantorno, Amerigo Castiglione, Mario Rausa, Mario Bartucci, Pasquale Costabile, Massimiliano De Rose, Enrico Monaco, Michele Morrone. And again: the Innova Rende con group Lorenzo Principe And Carlo Scolathat of Attiva Rende con Mimmo Talarico And Marina Simonetti. Last but not least, the reformist Fed whose leader, Sandro Principe, he was indicated as eligible to lead a group to “negotiate on the single city”.
Can the Pope come out… cardinal? As the conclaves teach, those who are indicated by the majority do not always wear the white choral habit. Some, indeed, suggest that it could even be a “political trap” for the expert Prince who, to dispel all doubts, has given his availability. We will see.