Reunion between former Pezzullo students in Cosenza. When memories remain indelible


By John

For everyone it was the Accounting Department. One of the city’s historic schools, which has seen thousands of young people pass by and then establish themselves in their careers, training in the shadow of an Institute capable of delivering top professionals to the society of Cosenza and beyond.
And many have not forgotten that experience at all, remaining well imprinted in their minds. It was enough for someone from that group to take the first step and the spark immediately went off. Word of mouth did the rest. And so yesterday morning, perhaps not surprisingly on New Year’s Eve, a large group of former students met in front of the Pezzullo for a meeting like in the old days. Yesterday, in fact, for the first time in Cosenza (perhaps in Italy) a large reunion of former students from the 70s, 80s and 90s of the Pezzullo high school in via Popilia took place. A school that in the 80s had up to 1,700 students. A great success with former Pezzullians who came from all over Italy to participate in this great reunion which projected the participants into the best years of their youth. All thanks to a spontaneous organization and the great hospitality of the manager Paradiso and Professor Reda, of the current Brutium scientific technical center in the Pezzullo complex in via Popilia, to whom the organizers of the event would like to thank. It was a magical moment for the many, no longer young, who were able to return to the classrooms, sit at their desks again and breathe the air of the 80s.
An event, probably unique in Italy. The individual classes have always met, but there is no news of meetings of an Institute. The organizers, Pino Garofalo, Paolo Spadafora, Francesco Carbone, Mario De Cesare, Sergio Crocco, Gianfranco Tallarico and all the others, have already made an appointment for next year for the 2024 Pezzullo forever reunion. The presence of the accountant Luigi Bruno, who graduated in the 60s and who came to the meeting yesterday together with his four children, all graduates from Pezzullo, was touching.