San Siro redevelopment? “A way to do nothing”, Barbara Berlusconi opposed. Sala: “What do you know?”


By John

The proposal to redevelop San Siro is “another way of doing nothing”. Barbara Berlusconi is convinced of this because ten years ago, when she was CEO of Milan, she tried to own the stadium and raises doubts about whether renovating the historic facility would create fewer inconveniences. «The project seems generic and far-fetched to me. From the in-depth studies we had done, it costs less to make a new one” he says in an interview, judging the estimated 300 million “a figure too low and not credible: Real Madrid will spend much more than a billion to renovate the Bernabeu, with costs almost doubled compared to forecasts.”

Mayor Sala’s response

«But what does Barbara Berlusconi know? Everyone can have their say but what do you know? Thus the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, commented on the words of the former AC Milan CEO who explained how a renovation of the Meazza is “unlikely”.
«Let’s let those who know how to work work and that’s not necessarily me – he added on the sidelines of a ceremony -, not even I can be able to make an assessment but now everyone has their say. Come on!”.