Santopadre: “Sinner's secret? He doesn't know satisfaction, he always wants to improve himself”


By John

«Jannik Sinner will not be satisfied with having reached the top of the world, he is destined to improve further, he is a champion who does not know satisfaction, this is his strength». Word of Vincenzo Santopadreformer player, coach of Matteo Berrettini until the end of last year and today in the team of the Frenchman Luca Van Assche.

As captain of the ATP Cup he was very close to the South Tyrolean, he has very good relations with Simone Vagnozzi and explains to Agi that if he would obviously have liked to coach Sinner a lot, the reason does not lie in the fact that he became the first Italian number one in the world of history, “but because I find him an exceptional boy from a human point of view.” It is precisely his “out of the ordinary” mentality, he clarifies, that made him the great champion who conquered the world: “Meanwhile, he didn't let himself be overwhelmed by the fame, wealth and notoriety that fell upon him, making him a star who he has the eyes of all of Italy on him, not just those who are passionate about tennis. But, above all, he is a boy who learns from everything, from the golden moments and from the unlucky periods like the one he has just gone through with the stoppage due to his right hip – he explains – he knows that he doesn't have to rush to quickly regain the state of form he had before Madrid, he is a tennis player who knows when to wait. The improvements will be dictated precisely by the experiences that Sinner is experiencing.”
Jannik has improved his serve (“both in execution and tactically”) and will leave Roland Garros with a richer background on clay, “with greater confidence in verticalisations and descents to the net”. (AGI)
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(AGI) – Rome, June 4. – Now that he has also found the back, his backhand is very close to perfection but, Santopadre analyses, it won't be enough for him or his team: «Vagnozzi told me that they worked hard to find the best backhand for him. But they won't stop, because they are always looking for new solutions even when things are going great. If Sinner is the champion who will continue to improve, the credit certainly goes to him but also to the people around him.”
Now the Russian tennis player Anna Kalinskaya has entered the team's sentimental side, but with an important presence also in the stands, and Santopadre is convinced that she too can be decisive in the champion's growth: «A relationship with a tennis player is not easy for those who belong to it's another world – he clarifies – having a person at your side who lives the same experiences as you, who understands your needs, who you can meet in 'combined' tournaments is certainly an advantage”.
There is only one factor, at this point, that can threaten Sinner's flight with all wings spread: the hip that stopped him in Madrid and then forced him to withdraw from the Italian internationals: «It is certainly a source of concern, because there is a lot of stress in modern tennis – explains Santopadre – I am convinced that Jannik's match has been under observation for some time and from how the situation was managed after Madrid, I am sure that both he and his team will not take unnecessary risks. It is what is needed to ensure him a long career at the top, together with luck that always helps him and tenacity.”
Santopadre observed Sinner's tenacity, he says, several years ago, when he was still coached by Riccardo Piatti: «He was entering the field to train with Matteo Berrettini and Piatti challenged them: «I'll give you 100 dollars if with the first ball at your disposal you manage to make 300 exchanges.” Of course they didn't miss a beat.