Scoreless goals between Vibonese and Reggina, a draw which is of little use to both teams for the rankings


By John

Reggio Calabria – Vibonese 0-0

REGGIO CALABRIA (3-5-2): Velcea 6; Parodi 6 (33′ st Bontempi sv), Girasole 6, Ingegneri 6; Dervishi 6 (34′ Provazza 6), Zucco 5.5, Mungo 6 (21′ st Salandria sv), Barillà 6 (35′ st Ricci sv), Martiner 6; Rosseti 6 (41′ st Marras sv), Bolzicco 6. Available: Martinez,, Altamura, Perri, Kremenovic All. Trocini 6
VIBONESE (4-3-3) Del Bello 7; Ciotti 6 (21′ st Castillo sv), Baldan 6, Onraita 6, Malara 6 (47′ st Di Vittorio sv); Iuliano 6, Anzelmo 6, Staropoli 6 (1′ st Carbone 6); Gaeta 6 (1′ st Esposito 6), Tandara 5.5 (14′ st Furina 6), Convitto 6. Available: Borrelli, La Gamba, Larosa, Ordonez. All. Buscè 6
Referee: Pasculli of Como 5.5.
Note: Booked: Staropoli, Rosseti, Mungo, Malara Spectators 4359 of which 3045 season ticket holders and 175 guests. Recovery time: 2′, 5′

White nets between Vibonese and Reggina. A draw that is of little use to both in terms of the standings, but which offers excellent results in terms of performance for both coaches. On the one hand, the hosts demonstrated with their full ranks that they can compete with anyone. The guests, on the other hand, confirmed their maturity and consistency, perhaps in the stadium where it is most difficult to play as opponents in the group. Trocini’s men suffered from Vibonese’s dribbling for about twenty minutes, but as the minutes passed they raised their center of gravity and gradually became the most dangerous of the teams on the pitch. Thanks to a starting lineup, initially lined up with the 3-5-2, which was finally able to offer two oversized and high-level attackers. Rosseti and Bolzicco moved well, highlighting their ability to fill the penalty area and put the opposing defenses in difficulty. Everything that the Amaranths had lacked in the championship until now. It wasn’t a problem for Vibonese who, instead, often found the way to the goal easily, but this time they hit a defense that was evidently better than the average of the D. Dervishi’s injury then forced Trocini to return to the four-man defense for a substitution between players born in 2003. The change in formation did not change the inertia of an amaranth test which was positive. The best opportunity in the first half belonged to the home team: with Barillà challenging Del Bello with a shot from the edge of the box, able to get up and close the target on Bolzicco’s rebound. In the second half we saw the two teams face each other head-on and stretch. The result was a match in which situations arose several times that could have been a significant danger for the opponent’s goal. The feeling is that Reggina was the team that had the greatest desire to win. However, the rossoblu hit a sensational post with Ciotti, who was quick to wedge himself into the area following a corner and deflect the ball towards the goal. The ball hit the woodwork and went out. the great protagonist of the recovery, however, was Jacopo Del Bello. The goalkeeper born in 2004 from Vibonese was the protagonist of at least three decisive saves: the first on Rosseti launched into the net by Mungo who was unable to avoid the goalkeeper’s rebound with his left foot, the second on a cross shot by Provazza and the third on a left-handed shot from Barillà destined to go under the crossbar. The Amaranths also protested for a missed penalty due to a hand in the area in the first half and for a goal disallowed by Bolzicco, following a push into the area which occurred near the ball. The draw does not allow Vibonese to take advantage of Trapani’s rest period, while Reggina sees the opportunity to give continuity to Castrovillari’s victory disappear.

Photo by Attilio Morabito