Shooting in the southern suburbs of Catanzaro, a 26-year-old was shot in the legs. Investigate the Weapon


By John

Shooting is back in the southern suburbs of the Calabrian capital. A young 26-year-old of Roma ethnicity was shot in the knee with two gunshots that hit him in the ankle and knee. The carabinieri of the operations section are investigating the case.
The episode dates back to August 13, when the 26-year-old went to the emergency room of the Pugliese hospital. The doctors, finding the two gunshot wounds, immediately alerted the Carabinieri. After undergoing diagnostic tests and completing the medications, the wounded man was heard by the investigators of the Arma. However, there were few elements that he would have been able to provide to the investigators. The young man claimed that he did not see the people who shot him or that he had in mind a possible explanation for the ambush. He only indicated to the carabinieri the place where the fact would have occurred. The episode allegedly took place along the road that separates the Pistoia and Aranceto districts, the two most important drug dealing squares in the city and which have become real forts of Roma crime settled in the Calabrian capital. Drug dealing and conflicts for control of the territory between Roma criminal groups may not have been the basis of the 13 August stalking. In fact, the wounded man has no precedent for drugs, nor is he included in one of the “cartels” that control the neighborhoods of the Catanzaro suburbs. The 26-year-old is known to the police but has small precedents. He therefore investigates himself at 360 degrees without discarding hypotheses connected to private affairs.
However, the alarm remains for a shooting that took place during the day, in one of the most populous areas of the city, yet there is not a witness who has provided useful elements for the investigations by the carabinieri. A wall of silence that makes the activity of the investigators even more complex.