“Sila, the mountain for all seasons”: the incoming of buyers, journalists and tourism operators begins in Sila


By John

“Sila, the mountain for all seasons” is the title of the incoming Sila by Calabria Straordinaria. The experimental event, promoted by the Tourism Department of the Calabria Region, aims to make the Sila plateau known to buyers, journalists and operators in the national and international active tourism sector from 14 to 17 October. The project, organized in collaboration with Modena Fiere, national leader in the active tourism sector, will shift the spotlight to the Sila area as an ideal stage for experiential tourism itineraries.
The BtoB meeting between guests from all over the world and tourist operators from the Sila plateau is of particular importance, organized to open new routes and create new synergies for greater awareness of the potential of Sila. The Sila plateau extends between the provinces of Cosenza, Crotone and Catanzaro and within it there is a true treasure chest of biodiversity, within which immense wooded expanses tell of an inestimable naturalistic and cultural heritage.
During the event, guests will be accompanied to discover the beauty and activities offered by the Sila plateau area through discovery routes and forays into local gastronomy. The E-bike nature itinerary starts from Villaggio Palumbo, a town located on the southern shores of Lake Ampollino. The Sila train is a tourist route in the heart of the Sila National Park, to discover the highest narrow gauge railway station (950 mm) in Europe, at over 1400 meters above sea level on an early twentieth century locomotive. The visit to the Giganti della Sila reserve, unique in its kind, allows you to admire the majestic centuries-old forest in the center of Calabria which has survived intact since the seventeenth century in the shadow of its imposing “patriarchs”. An over one hundred year old forest with over 60 specimens of larch pines and mountain maples planted in the seventeenth century by the Barons Mollo, owners of the nearby Casino, donated to the FAI in 2016.
The Visitor Center located in Cupone is an environmental education center equipped with nature trails for trekking, wildlife observatories, a museum and a geological garden. In Lorica there is a new way to enjoy nature, have fun and experience water sports: it is the Bike boat, a bicycle that runs on water, easy to ride. With the Zip line you fly down for about 50 seconds along 600 meters of cableway. You start from a Laricio pine forest, fly over a bend of Lake Arvo and return to the forest.
The acronym MABOS stands for Museum of Art of the Bosco della Sila and literally indicates a magical space where contemporary art, expressed in all its expressive forms, dialogues in close contact with the nature in which it is immersed. This innovative artistic project is located in the center of the Sila National Park, on the Catanzaro side, and allows you to immerse yourself in a unique experience.
Calabria is an experience. This is what the different stages will tell the guests of the press tour during their stay in Sila. All the visits and outdoor activities proposed will have as their main objective that of making you touch the beating heart of an Extraordinary Calabria.