Sila3Vette is back, the real adventure from 21 to 25 February 2024 in Calabria


By John

The Sila3Vette returns at the end of February, the largest multidisciplinary endurance raid on the European scene. Born in the footsteps of the American Iditarod, the Calabrian test has earned enormous prestige, so much so that it is populated with competitors who come from all over the world to face the arduous difficulties of Sila in the winter. Some wearing snowshoes and running on foot, some pedaling on fat bikes or Mtb Plus essential for proceeding on snow, some using cross-country skis, some even running with dogs. Many sporting possibilities and many routes, based on your energy availability, but all united by the taste of adventure.

In 8 years Sila3Vette has never stoppedovercoming the difficult seasons of Covid, the natural distrust both in the territory and in the sporting environment, demonstrating the seriousness and validity of the project. The event is scheduled for 21 to 25 February 2024 and competitors will be able to choose between various types of track: the hardest and most adventurous is the 260 km route with 8,522 meters of altitude difference, the “Aria” route which covers the entire Sila area, uniting the Cosenza part with the Catanzaro part. Alternatively there is the “OVS 1947” route of 140 km for 5,500 metres, or the ultra of 80 km for 2,684 metres. A first approach with the Sila3Vette can be made through the “Challenger” route of 40 km for 1,280 meters, finally there is the “Tourist” route of 21 km for 600 meters suitable for everyone.

The competitors will start at the various pre-established times, always from the Stazione di Posta NDUT refuge: the 260 km will start on February 22nd at 9:00, same time, but on Friday 24th, for the 140 km. The 80 km will still start on Friday between 6.00 pm and 7.00 pm, like the 40 km, while the Turist race will start on Saturday at 10.00 am. Along the route the competitors will find various Check Points managed by private volunteers, for everyone, regardless of the distance, it will therefore be essential to know how to manage themselves in full autonomy.

Registrations are already open and by December 20th you can take advantage of the discounted fees of 290 euros for the Aria route, 180 for the OVS 1947, 110 for the Ultra, 70 for the Challenger and finally 40 km for the Tourist. Along with the various competitive tests, there will also be a 5km rally with a route through the woods for enthusiasts who wish to share the experience with their 4-legged friend, with an Official Guide.

The Sila3Vette is not a race like the others: it requires great ability not only physically but also mentally, knowing how to manage the various hours of the day, measuring your efforts, and also knowing how to deeply enjoy Nature and what it can give. It is an experience that will leave a profound mark.