Sizing of the school network, mobilization against the Plan is growing in Crotone


By John

The draft school sizing plan presented by the Province has raised a hornet’s nest. Some choices are truly considered indigestible by school communities destined to end up under the guillotine of cuts. Teachers and students of the Pertini Institute (dismembered and canceled as autonomy in the draft plan) and of the Nautical Institute (destined to end up under the new school center of Isola Capo Rizzuto), do not give up and relaunch the mobilization by meeting on Monday 2nd at 10am , for a demonstration in front of the Provincial headquarters in via Mario Nicoletta. The “Per Margherita” Aps Neighborhood Committee association chaired by has already joined Sebastiano Aloia: the schools of the districts which have 352 students were merged in the draft plan with the Scandale Comprehensive and no longer with the Papanice Institute which would disappear as an autonomy. A choice already contested (a committee has already collected more than 250 signatures from parents) also by the capital municipality which has presented its own draft for the relevant schools which confirms the current Papanice Institute with the Margherita dependencies.