South calls North, over 500 at the regional assembly. Cateno De Luca: “It’s time to show my muscles”


By John

Over 500 participants attended the Sicilian regional assembly of South calls North in Enna. Cateno De Luca traces the path that will lead to the national assembly in Rome by March. Now South Calls North will branch out throughout Sicily with the election of municipal, provincial and regional coordinators. “We got over 500 thousand votes in the last regional elections and we are the first party in Sicily, recalls De Luca, now we need to transform this positive wave into a widespread structure, clearly wear the shirt of South calls North and intercept all our supporters because they must be actively involved”, states De Luca.

«We will go to the vote and the opposition forces and alternatives to this center-right must form a common front. I’m there, after all I got 500 thousand votes in the last regional elections”, he adds. In view of the European elections, however, De Luca reiterates that Both membership throughout Italy and fundraising will be fundamental, because an electoral campaign for the European elections is expensive. “Now – he says – the time has come to show our muscles and our strength, starting from Sicily and arriving in every region of Italy.” The appointment is for Saturday 2 March 2024 with the national assembly which will lead to the definition of the strategy in view of the European Championships.