Spilinga, there is still controversy over the Fred De Palma concert. The minority: “The mayor is completely off track”


By John

“We expected Mayor Marasco to answer our questions about the bad impression he made on the occasion of Fred de Palma’s concert, but we certainly didn’t expect such an answer out of track and shameful. And in fact, faced with the legitimate questions relating to the organization of the “hoax concert”, raised by the councilors of the minority group led by Silvano Contartese and the councilor of the autonomous group Laura Pontoriero, Mayor Marasco, instead of answering the questions posed, considered it is appropriate to dwell only on answers elusive besides that offensive and disrespectful”. This is what we read in a note from the councilors of the Spilinga Nel Cuore group, Silvano Contartese, Pasquale Pugliese, Annunziato Dotro and the councilor of the autonomous group, Laura Pontoriero.

“Mayor Marasco, on the other hand, did like the student whose teacher asks about Leopardi and the latter, not knowing the poet mentioned at all, starts talking about Foscolo instead, as they say <>. The same, moreover, rather than responding to the serious organizational responsibilities, promptly highlighted by the minority groups, has exclusively tried to praise his administration while offending, at the same time, the undersigned. We have been reprimanded – say the exponents of the minority – to do petty politics, that we didn’t congratulate each other with the organizers of the “nduja village” for the excellent results achieved and, moreover, for having Spilingese pride sold off.

“Now, in the face of such gratuitous reproaches which we send back to the sender, despite ourselves, we are forced to express some considerations. First of all, the writers have always acted exclusively in the interests of all Spilingese citizens; they have never offended their political adversaries despite theirs modus operandi not very transparent and linear and have never entered the personal sphere. Faced with the poor management of public affairs carried out by the Marasco council, they simply denounced the most complete one ineptitude. A’ arrogant administration who would like to gag the opposition and who he hires proud and vindictive attitudes towards those who have not supported them and do not support them; an administration that exalts theego personal of someone and who, to the detriment of the entire community, continues to put only his own to appear. However, it is enough to examine the facts to understand that this council is absolutely not capable of administering.

She was never capable, alone, to face a problem; always intervenes delay and always after the minority, respectful of its role, has repeatedly urged it to find a solution. This was the case with the problem of dirty water, which arose on 20 July, but was declared undrinkable with a specific ordinance only starting from 27 July, and only after this opposition had already denounced its potential danger to safety five days earlier. public.

This was the case with the degradation and abandonment of the municipal cemetery, as previously highlighted, which was partially and superficially resolved only after the public denunciation of this group. This was also the case for the new municipal statute which, only thanks to participation essential of the requesting minority, and after more than a year, despite the obvious errors perpetrated, it will definitively find adequate and democratic approval.

Thus, finally, it was for the evening of August 11th for which the Mayor Marasco, only after the article of the minority groups and 14 days later, he finally deemed it appropriate to apologize to all the paying public for the great inconvenience caused. This, however, was considerably late and, despite what was reassured by the superficial deputy mayor, without giving any response to all those who, unlike the more stubborn ones who waited over three hours, are still waiting for the legitimate refund promised by the doctor. Franco Barbalace in the presence of the police.

Therefore, while waiting for the legal action of which however there is no trace in the Municipality’s recordsit would be appropriate to refer to the great Totò who used to say “And I pay”. As regards the further reproach relating to the fact that we would not have congratulated the committee of the 47th ‘nduja festival, we note the following. First of all, it is not our characteristic to be flatterers, nor even to exploit certain circumstances to win the sympathy of anyone. Also because we believe that those who are called to seriously play a “political or social” role must do so regardless of easy and obvious acclaim.

What guides our actions – we read further in the note – is exclusively the good of the community and the sense of responsibility we feel we have towards citizens by virtue of the electoral mandate with which we have been invested. We have never preordained our behavior for ulterior motives, unlike what Mayor Marasco did who began to frequent Spilinga and the parish for exclusively electoral purposes. Our duty is to oppose, on the basis of one secular politics, and to report any malfunctions; we continue to have the protection of the common good at heart and we hope for the active participation of all citizens in the socio-political choices of the country. Principles and values ​​that certainly do not distinguish the Marasco administration.

After all, how can this administration define itself as united and compact when it has already been abandoned by councilor Laura Pontoriero? Rather, faced with the obvious mystification of the facts and the continuous deviation from the legitimate questions posed by the writers, we would perhaps say that Mayor Marasco, or whoever on his behalf, organized paid events only to hide its inability to attract appropriate funding. Perhaps mayor Marasco, or someone on his behalf (deputy mayor Dr. Franco Barbalace), was afraid to organize free events so as not to make the mistakes of a not so distant past…

Finally, on Spilingese pride, we limit ourselves only to reiterating that the writers have never sold out their origins; on the contrary, it is the current administrators who with their behavior have unequivocally demonstrated their disinterest in our country by adopting, as in the case of Fred De Palma, initiatives wicked and unachievable which have seriously offended the good name of Spilinga. In conclusion, egr. Mayor, stop saying that we only publish articles because we are angry at having lost the elections. We know – conclude the minority councilors – that in every electoral competition there are those who win and there are those who lose. We, it is true, lost, but we lost with dignity. That same dignity that should lead you to abandon the vanity fair and, no longer having the support and support of the former councilor Laura Pontoriero who allowed you to win, to push you to immediately resign”.