The Apostolic case: “Where did that video come from and how did it end up in Salvini’s hands?”. The questions of Pd, M5S and the Italian Left


By John

The case of the video, posted by Matteo Salvini, which shows the Catania judge Iolanda Apostolico at a demonstration in Catania in August 2018 arrives in Parliament.

Pd, M5s and SI ask the owner of the Interior Ministry Piantedosi to provide explanations on the reasons for those images which since yesterday have sparked much controversy inside and outside the palaces of politics.

It would have been an “extreme left” demonstration, as claimed in a post by Salvini, which was attended by the judge who annulled the detention of four migrants in the Pozzallo CPR, as instead provided for by the Cutro law decree.
However, a different explanation was given by the judge herself to her colleagues, to whom she told them that she had taken part in the procession to avoid clashes between the police forces and the demonstrators, the majority of whom – again according to what was said – were of Catholic extraction. “The matter deserves answers, which Minister Piantedosi must give. How did that footage come out and where from? Who packaged it? Are there perhaps dedicated archives? The fact raises disturbing questions“, say the senators of the Democratic Party Anna Rossomando and Walter Verini. “The question we asked ourselves as the M5S group isHow did the minister come into possession of the video? Is a cataloging of the demonstrators underway? Is it used for dossier activities?”, are the questions posed in the Chamber by Vittoria Baldino, vice-president of the M5S. “If that video had arrived in the hands of Minister Salvini and the League from state structures and apparatus it would be a very serious thing “, observes the national secretary of the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianni.