The archbishop of Reggio Calabria: “The fires are a sin against God”


By John

Concern about the forest fires that affected various areas of Reggino last night, particularly the Marinella and Pellegrina di Bagnara hamlets, was expressed by the Archbishop of Reggio Calabria – Bova, Monsignor Fortunato Morrone. «These acts of destruction – comments the prelate – have affected not only our natural heritage, but have also put people’s lives at risk and caused serious property damage. They are criminal acts if carried out with malicious intent and contempt for the environment.”

The archbishop expressed solidarity with the communities affected by calling their respective parish priests. For this reason the prelate intends to make an appeal for everyone to develop a personal responsibility towards Creation: «forest fires are a devastating threat to the environment and to the safety of all of us: they are a sin against God and against people, their safety and their work! Quite a few crops were consumed by the flames. By destroying the natural habitat of numerous animal species, fires compromise the quality of the air we breathe and endanger the health and safety of those who live nearby. Furthermore, they have a negative impact on water resources, agriculture, the local economy and cause landslides.”

The bishop invites the community to join in prayer for those who were affected by last night’s flames and for those who work tirelessly to put them out and to protect the area from the flames. “It is essential – is Morrone’s appeal – that we commit ourselves to supporting the efforts of the firefighters, the police forces and the volunteers who dedicate themselves to fighting these fires and ensuring the safety of all of us”. Morrone therefore urges the faithful to pray so that those “who have suffered because of these fires can find the strength and wisdom to rebuild what has been damaged, in a spirit of continuity with what was suggested by Pope Francis in Laudate Deum”.