The Democratic Party accepts the appeal of Calabria's industrialists. Secretary Irto: “We also agree on the need to reduce territorial inequalities”


By John

«Industry must return to the center of the political agenda, starting with the institutions of the European Union. We have been committed to making this happen for some time, in the face of the deafness and duplicity of the centre-right.” The senator stated this in a note Nicola Irto, secretary of the Democratic Party of Calabria, in response to a recent public appeal that the representatives of Calabrian industrialists made to politicians in view of the next European elections. «We accept and share the appeal», assures Irto. «The European Union – continues the dem senator – must focus and invest in industry to encourage innovation and growth in line with the economic, environmental and social sustainability objectives already outlined. We also share the united position expressed by the Calabrian industrialists regarding the need for a decisive and coherent political commitment aimed at reducing inequalities and territorial gaps, on the assumption that without inclusion and cohesion there can be no development. The Calabrian centre-right – specifies the Dem parliamentarian – cannot follow us in this regard, since it has accepted the barter within the government majority, in which differentiated autonomy is being exchanged for the premiership and justice reform. Never before – concludes Irto – do we need an adequate industrial infrastructure and we need to introduce new public measures to support businesses and innovation”.