The newborn abandoned among the rocks at Villa San Giovanni, there are suspects. The 13 year old involved in a child prostitution ring?


By John

There are some under investigation in the'investigation initiated on the discovery last Sunday of lifeless body of a newbornwith the umbilical cord still attached, inside a backpack abandoned among the rocks a Villa San Giovanni, near the landing stages for Sicily. Yesterday the Carabinieri and the Flying Squad, who are jointly carrying out the investigations, had tracked down the person who had given birth to the newborn last weekend.

It's about a thirteen year old suffering from cognitive impairment who was found in her parents' home. The girl was rushed to hospital and admitted for a possible risk of septicemia which she then returned to, allowing her to resign. The investigations, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Reggio Calabria Juvenile Prosecutor's Office, led respectively by Giovanni Bombardieri and Roberto Di Palma, are continuing rapidly in the utmost confidentiality, considering the sensitivity of the matter. The investigative activity aims to shed light, in particular, on the particularly degraded family context to which the thirteen-year-old belongs. On behalf of the deputy prosecutor Walter Ignazitto and the deputy Tommaso Pozzati, of the ordinary prosecutor's office, and of the deputy of the juvenile prosecutor's office Giuseppe Creazzo, some people informed of the facts were interviewed at the police station. These are family members of the young woman who would have been aware of the minor's pregnancy and whose statements could prove useful in ascertaining the manner of the newborn's death and her abandonment among the rocks. Among the people interviewed at length by the investigators was the mother of the thirteen-year-old.

The aim of the investigators is, first of all, to ascertain whether and by whom the girl was helped to give birth. In fact, it is difficult to think that the young woman could have done everything on her own. Furthermore, it must be ascertained whether the newborn was already dead when it was given birth or whether the death occurred subsequently. In this sense, the answers should come from the autopsy ordered by the judicial authority and which was carried out in the last few hours. A DNA test was also carried out on the body of the newborn to clarify who the father of the newborn is, whether he is a young man or an older person and whether he was aware of the thirteen-year-old's pregnancy. Among other things, another disturbing hypothesis cannot be ruled out. And that is that the girl may have been involved in a child prostitution ring. Hypothesis which is based on the social degradation in which she has lived until today and from which, it is hoped, she can now emerge definitively to move towards a more dignified future.