The night of the ‘wolves’, Gianluca Di Marzio returns to Cosenza: “Even those who were not born here fall in love. Dad would have liked this team.”


By John

His eyes are always clear when he talks about his Cosenza. Because the red and blue vertical stripe reminds him tremendously of the period spent in the city of the Bruzi when his late father, Gianni, was on the bench and in management. Di Marzio junior could not be missing for the 110th anniversary party. And he does it while embracing Gigi De Rosa and Albertino Urban, two godchildren of Di Marzio senior, who Gianluca saw him grow up. They tell anecdotes, they are moved, they smile. The scene of this little reunion, needless to say, is the open space which was recently named in memory of Gianni di Marzio: «Dad would have liked this Cosenza very much, even if Caserta is too offensive for his tastes», he quips while De Rosa and Urban nod. «He You know the most beautiful thing about Cosenza and the people of Cosenza. his ability to make everyone “local” even if they were born elsewhere: think of the three of us, but above all of Marulla, Bergamini, of Tutino himself. A magical square.”