The Sargonia murder in Sweden, the pizza chef from Cosenza Aldobrandi is accused: the trial remains in Imperia


By John

The trial for voluntary homicide aggravated by abject and futile motives and suppression of a corpse remains in Imperia, which sees Salvatore Aldobrandi, the 73-year-old pizza chef, originally from San Sosti (Cosenza), resident in Sanremo for years, in the dock., arrested on 17 June 2023 on the orders of the investigating judge of Imperia, because he was held responsible for killing Sargonia Dankha, 21 years old, of Iraqi origins, naturalized Swedish, who disappeared into thin air in the early afternoon of 13 November 1995 in Linköping, Sweden. This was announced this morning by the president of the Court of Assizes Carlo Alberto Indellicati, reporting to the parties the decision of the Swedish authorities who gave their consent to the opening of a channel of European judicial cooperation (Oei), giving the judges of Court of Assizes of Imperia the possibility of personally examining the texts but remotely, via a video link.

Given the linguistic difficulty and the impossibility of having numerous witnesses come to Italy for both health and economic reasons, the Court had asked to transfer the hearing of the witnesses directly to Sweden, activating the European judicial cooperation channel. The Italian judges, however, will have to settle for a video link. The Swedish authorities will be responsible for intercepting and summoning the numerous texts. In court in Imperia, however, there will be two interpreters present: one for Swedish and one for English. The hearing has been postponed until September 6th.