The sprint of the Eurocandidacies in Cosenza: the moderates close the circle


By John

The latest political evaluations are boiling in the bowels of the parties, waiting to aim their bow at the names that are still missing from the gigantic chessboard of Eurocandidacies. In the moderate area, the first mover was Antonio Tajanthe. He will be there to lead the list of the South. And so Forza Italia in Cosentino, with the national leader will vote for Rosaria Succurrothe president of the Province and mayor of San Giovanni in Fiore, as well as leader of Anci Calabria. Gianluca Gallo, who had been asked to make a sacrifice in the absence of the candidacy of the Italian number one, can return to his comfortable seat as regional councilor for Agriculture, with one eye on the European Championships and the other on the administrative vote of Corigliano Rossano. Fdi is also at work. Cosenza and its province have already decided to support the local candidate, Luciana De Francesco, regional councilor. With her, support is expected for the outgoing MEP, Denis Nesciand for the prime minister Giorgia Meloni, who, next Sunday, will formalize his direct participation in the vote from the stage of the Fratelli d'Italia programmatic conference as head of the list, among other things, also in the southern constituency. The League, however, will focus on the Cosenza deputy Simona Loizzoa service application desired by Matteo Salvino. The race for the European Parliament will not be easy because there is the weight of that 2019 figure (17.07% in the city and 22.82% in the province).
The grillini have completed the second phase of the MEPs, their social primaries for the formation of the list which in the South will be led by the former president of the INPS, Pasquale Tridico, Cosenza area of ​​Scala Coeli. The online vote did not have the desired effect with the Cosenza native and former parliamentarian Alessandro Melicchio who came close to being investitured. Inside, however, the Catanzaro native Giuseppe Nunziato Belcastro.