The visit of the police chief Pisani to the Cosentino area, a step forward in the fight against the 'Ndrangheta


By John

A change of pace. The visit of the Chief of Police, Vittorio Pisani, to the province of Cosenza marks the beginning of a structural and operational transformation in the fight against crime and crime prevention. Prefect Pisani, a true Calabrian, knows the Cosentino area inside out and as the first concrete sign he orders the opening of a police station in Diamantepearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea and connection point with areas particularly influenced in recent years by the presence of the 'Ndrangheta and the Camorra: Cetraro, Praia a Mare, Scalea, Santa Maria del Cedro.

The constant comparison with the police commissioner Giuseppe Cannizzaro on the situation in the largest, richest and most populous area of ​​Calabria seems to herald ever greater attention from both the Department of Public Security and the Ministry of the Interior. Wanda Ferro also works as undersecretary at the Interior Ministry which on several occasions has collected the requests to strengthen the police forces made by the mayors of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian areas and by the president of the Province, Rosaria Succurro, in relation to Sila.

The Corigliano Rossano garrisons must be strengthened in men and means and high in rank how the presence of the police forces should be better structured both in the Upper Ionian and in the enormous and prosperous Sila area that connects the Cosentino with the Crotone area. In this regard, Undersecretary Ferro said: «The visit to Calabria by the Chief of Police Vittorio Pisani once again demonstrates the attention that the Meloni government and the Ministry of the Interior reserve for this territory. An attention that translates into concrete actions, such as the establishment of the new Police Station in Diamante: a garrison that will make it possible to strengthen the action of controlling the territory and preventing and combating criminal phenomena in the Tyrrhenian area of ​​Cosenza, recently affected by an increase in criminal incidents”.

Vittorio Pisani, after the meeting in Diamante, went to the police station to meet the staff who he motivated and with whom, together with the commissioner Cannizzaro, he outlined the lines of the work to be done.