They steal a van from a megastore in Scalea, arrested in Casoria with 80 thousand euros worth of stolen shoes


By John

The target of the Carabinieri of the Casoria mobile radio section is a van. A tip came from Scalea’s Calabrian colleagues: a commercial vehicle was stolen from a local footwear megastore. It is now located in the car park of a shopping center in via San Salvatore, a few kilometers from the Casoria barracks. There could be a lot of loot inside. The soldiers approach the location indicated by the GPS and glimpse a van matching the description. It is guarded by two people. When they decide to intervene they discover that the two have in their pockets the keys of the stolen vehicle and those of a second van, also parked a few meters away. In the two boxes shoes of various brands: 1158 pairs, complete with boxes and ready to be resold in who knows what market. 80 thousand euros of stolen products, now destined to return to the hands of the rightful owner. Giuseppe Bove and Antonio Nardi, aged 22 and 23, arrested for aggravated theft. Both from Poggioreale they will return to their neighborhood in handcuffs but to occupy one of the cells of the local prison.