Third mandate for the first citizens, the Anci: yes also in the large municipalities of Calabria


By John

The first battle was won in recent days with the approval of the decree law in the Council of Ministers in favor of small towns. Now the ANCI is back in charge, asking for the two-term limit to be exceeded also for the mayors of municipalities with a population exceeding fifteen thousand inhabitants. The national president of the Anci, Antonio Decaro, sent a letter to the almost 8,000 Italian mayors, to underline the importance of the decree which provides for the abolition of the limit of mandates for Municipalities of up to five thousand inhabitants and the extension of mandates to three for Municipalities of up to fifteen thousand. In the meantime, the amendments are already being prepared, so as to be ready when the decree is converted into law in Parliament.
Based on the data from the latest Istat census – January 2023 – there are 17 Calabrian municipalities that would currently go to the vote with a possible run-off. If the taboo of the third term were overcome they could aspire to a sensational hat trick, for example, Giuseppe Falcomatà, first citizen of Reggio Calabria and his counterparts Paolo Mascaro (Lamezia Terme), Domenico Lo Polito (Castrovillari) e Giovanni Papasso (Cassano allo Ionio). It cannot be ruled out that the measure could affect Montalto Uffugo, where we will go back to the polls as early as next June: here is the outgoing Pietro Caracciolo he has been at the helm of the Municipality for 10 years.