Too much Trapani for Reggina, the leaders win 3-1: Barillà scores


By John

Trapani-Reggina 3-1
11' Acquadro, 2' st Cocco rig, 10' st Convitto, 34' st Barillà
TRAPANI (4-2-3-1): Ujkaj 6; Pino 6, Bolcano 6, Sabatino 6, Guerriero 6 (35' st Morleo sv); Crimi 6.5 (31' st Palermo sv), Acquadro 7; Kragl 6.5 (31st 'Bollino sv), Balla 6.5, Convitto 6.5 (26' st Marigosu sv); Cocco 6.5 (45' st Samake sv). Available: Antonini, Liepins, Cristini, Ba. Coach: Torrisi 6.5.
REGGIO CALABRIA (4-3-3): Speed ​​4.5; Parodi 5.5 (20' st' Zanchi 5.5.), Girasole 5, Adejo 5.5, Porcino 5; Belpanno 5 (1' st Zucco sv, 24' st Simonetta sv), Barillà 6, Perri 5 (20' st Martiner 5.5); Provazza 6, Bolzicco 5, Renelus 5 (20' st Salandria 5.5). Available: Martinez, Ingegneri, Kremenovic, Marras Coach: Trocini 5.
Referee: Davide Cerea of ​​Bergamo 5. Assistants: Simone Mino (La Spezia), Lorenzo Savasta (Alba-Bra)
Note: Booked: Crimi, Acquadro (T), Barillà, Girasole, Salandria (R). Recovery time: 1', 6'. Spectators: 4531 spectators including 68 guests

Trapani – 29 points difference in the standings cannot be a coincidence. And they showed themselves in the comparison between Trapani and the new Reggina. A top match, in which the first faced the fourth, but the different level between the two teams emerged above all in the ability to be effective and concrete in the offensive game. A characteristic that can also be found thanks to the large quantity and quality of offensive wingers and superior category attackers present in the Granata squad. The match, which ended 3-1 for the Sicilians, contributed to strengthening the awareness of Torrisi's team and bringing them closer to promotion to Serie C. The defeat of the Amaranths, however, made the play-off position of the Strait team a little less solid.

Yet the guests had started well. They had a good approach to the match, but Trapani, like all great teams, was able to immediately put a brake on their opponents' confidence. It did so with a great goal from Acquadro, who after more than ten minutes put the ball into the top corner with an attempt from the edge. Reggina claimed a penalty on Parodi, who was hit after touching the ball by the outgoing goalkeeper Ujkaj. The episode did not smile on the Amaranths, who remained in the game reasonably well throughout the first half. The two knockout blows came in the initial phase of the second half. First Cocco scored the 2-0, scoring a penalty awarded for a handball from Porcino seen by the referee. Then Convitto deposited a ball into the net with an empty goal, taking advantage of the clash between Girasole and Velcea.

From that moment the match was practically over and Trapani controlled the match well. Only in the final phase of the match did Reggina try to have a proud reaction, but it was only enough to score the winning goal. It was signed by the former player Barillà, capitalizing on a good play by Provazza on the right.