Tragedy in Sweden, rapper C. Gambino killed in Gothenburg


By John

The Swedish rapper C.Gambino, stage name of Karar Ramadan, was killed in Gothenburg last night. At 10.30pm the alarm was raised and the police and an ambulance rushed to the scene, but the artist died in hospital. Considered one of Sweden's most important rappers, 26-year-old C.Gambino was not a well-known face because he always used a black mask to cover his identity, but nevertheless he was very popular, with around 1 million streams per month on Spotify. The police have opened a murder investigation, but have not yet arrested anyone. According to initial reconstructions, the attackers would have waited in the garage at the artist's home. It is thought that C. Gambino may have connections with organized crime networks: «I don't want to go into the merits of which area, but he is known in the context of criminal networks. We don't know who we are looking for yet, but since there is a connection to the networks, we may have an idea of ​​the direction he might be in,” said police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg, reported by the TT agency.

His latest single was released on May 31st and has already recorded over 700,000 plays. «We don't know the reason yet, but we are obviously checking whether her music could be connected to what happened. We don't know at the moment,” Fuxborg added. «It's a hard blow for the rap scene in Gothenburg and throughout Sweden – declared music critic Petter Hallen -. What is even more tragic is that in recent times he had distanced himself from dark and criminal environments to dedicate himself more to expressing relationships and feelings through art.” Another award-winning Swedish rapper, Einar, was killed in Stockholm in a gang conflict in October 2021.