Twelve thousand pushing Catanzaro


By John

The enthusiasm of the fans and the concreteness of the team. Since the beginning of the season, these two levels seem to proceed in parallel, but they inevitably touch and influence each other, as and more than last year. Catanzaro flies and the environment dreams because it can and must do so. It was inevitable that all this would grow exponentially after the success of Parma and in view of today's direct clash against Como, the former second of the class who presents themselves in a “Ceravolo” very close to being sold out (last night there were around 12,000 spectators). The stadium is ready to push the Eagles even higher than the seven points that separate them from the direct promotion zone.
“Every time you win, expectations rise and we get excited, it's right that the fans think this way, it's nice for everyone to experience certain situations, but for us it's different”, warned Vivarini with one of his most frequently asked arguments : «We must always move forward on our own path, without tables or programs that divert attention from the things to do on the pitch, even if we are playing for it and anything can happen in football». In short, keeping together the light-heartedness and concentration that enabled Parma's feat and not only that.
Antidotes. «Como are strong, but they are different compared to the first leg, they have raised the quality of their dribbling and play, they stay short and are always moving according to the ball. He also has incredible balance, he runs a lot and is always aggressive on a level which, however, is not just defensive because it is aimed at high recovery to dribble and go in search of the goal, so all he needs is one opportunity”, underlined the coach of Catanzaro recalling the defeat at the end of October (1-0, Verdi on a penalty): «It may even be that they face us with the same aggressiveness as in the first leg, it's a good test for us». Compared to then, however, the Giallorossi are armoured: they have more options, they know how to get out of various types of difficulties, “we have grown a lot from a tactical point of view, we are complete”. It was noticed at the “Tardini”, for example, when Fulignati and company dribbled in Parma's face despite the pressing of Pecchia's team: demonstration of maturity, awareness and… tranquility: «The break regenerated us because we are pushing hard from the start and you pay for this particularly in terms of mental energy, even if it is something that is then compensated by the enthusiasm of the square”. Here again the two planes proceed in parallel and at a certain point converge until they touch.
The doubt. Vivarini has recovered Brignola, not Brighenti and also brings Ghion to the bench: it is the first time in the second round for the point guard who has raised his pace during the week. The starting lineup is likely to be the same as last Monday: the only question mark runs at the top right, where Sounas seems favored over D'Andrea, who is not yet at his best after the small problem with his right knee suffered two weeks ago with the national Under 20 team. It cannot be ruled out that the blue attacker beats the Greek at the last minute, who in turn gives adequate and greater guarantees in the non-possession phase.
The rest does not change in the 4-4-2 which can face an opponent lined up in the same way with Strefezza and Da Cunha as wingers, Gabrielloni and Cutrone as top players: «They have players of the highest level», recalled the Abruzzo coach. Catanzaro responds with its three stars: Vandeputte, Iemmello and Biasci. «It's not easy to play against Como, but there's certainly the desire to put them in difficulty and score goals for them». With the usual beautiful and effective football. And 12,000 voices pushing behind.