Unime: “Piazza dell'Arte” returns to Messina on May 17th, here's how to register


By John

The event organized by the Morgana Association is back: Piazza dell'Arte, a unique event in which talent and fun come together to give the whole city a night of magic. With artistic workshops, photographic exhibitions, performances by young musicians and artists of various kinds, an open-air theatre, set up inside the central courtyard of the University of Messina, is one of the most awaited events of the Messina spring which arrives this year in its IX edition.
The Piazza dell'Arte was born from the commitment of the Morgana cultural association, which has been involved in the area, in university institutions and schools since 2012.

This year the event is set for May 17th and like every year it aims to involve thousands of young people and families.
The event is open to all citizens and is entirely free thanks to the support of the sponsors and the work of the children of the Morgana association.
The common thread of each edition is the promotion of artistic talents and activities that our territory enjoys, bands, soloists, dance groups, jugglers, theater groups, anyone who makes art a lifestyle is invited to send the your candidacy.
All young artists, who, armed with talent and determination, intend to get involved, can send an email to (email protected) and find the announcement of the event on the social pages of the Morgana Association.