Vibo, ferment in the center-left that accelerates: also ready for “early elections”


By John

The centre-left does not remain idle in the face of the centre-right’s attempt to organize the troops in view of the local elections scheduled for next spring. And the promoter of the table at which the forces attributable to that civic-political area sit, that is, the leader of the Mixed group in the regional council Antonio Lo Schiavoan expression of the Progressives, brought together the partners in the premises of his notary’s office, to try to put down on paper times and possibly also proposals for autumn screening.
On the other hand, the center-left does not intend to be caught unprepared for a possible fall of the Administration due to a motion of no confidence rather than the mass resignation of all the city councilors. To be ready you need to identify the candidate for mayor and above all in a reasonable time and before that identify a programmatic platform on which to work.
An address with which both Lo Schiavo and Lo Schiavo appeared to agree Domenico Consoli (Social Humanism), Riccardo Tucci, Domenico Santoro And Silvio Pisani (Five Stars movement), Loredana Pilegi (Progressives), Raffaele Mammoliti (regional councilor of the Democratic Party) e Francesco Colelli, city ​​secretary of the Democratic Party.