Violence in Cosenza, fight between students leaving school: 14 year old in hospital


By John

The difficult profession of the adolescent. The era of virtual relationships has made these children of ours more insecure and fragile and, at the same time, has neutralized the social antibodies that are usually produced within families and strengthened within schools. The existence of our young people is consumed with their fingertips perpetually pressed on the displays of their smartphones, in search of friendships, opinions, consensus. The race for likes has become an obsession that often forces them to cross the limit, to feed on violence. Everything is done to gain popularity shares in the unreal world. Perhaps this is also why the mayor of New York, Eric Leroy Adams, just recently defined social media as “as harmful to kids as smoking and guns.” From dawn to dusk their lives flow almost exclusively along the coordinates of the most followed networks of the moment. And the scenarios alternate quickly because from time to time new models of a society that appears less and less lucid, more anchored to the moods of followers than to the real problems, creep into the sensorial grammar. Inside this gigantic social blur that fills the web, fourteen-year-olds build their isolation, their solitude. And it is in the midst of these closed cells that the most insidious plots often ferment. Because teenagers talk less and less, and talk about their problems less and less. They don’t ask for help and don’t let themselves be helped. It becomes so difficult to understand their dreams, to discover the origin of their anger, their suffering, their aggression. And it will be difficult for the carabinieri of the Cosenza Nord station to identify the spark that triggered the quarrel today, after leaving a high school in the city, between two students, both fourteen years old.. The first signs in the courtroom, according to what has been learned from some testimonies. Then, outside the institute the “showdown”. One of the two allegedly lashed out at the other who got the worst of it and was taken to hospital by ambulance. Last night she was discharged with a ten day prognosis. A story that risks ending up in the fold of a judicial file since the family of the girl forced into forced rest has decided to file a complaint.