Vittorio Emanuele Theater in Messina, the curtain rises on the season of music and prose


By John

The curtain of “Vittorio Emanuele” rises on the 2023-2024 Music and Prose theater season. The poster was presented during the press conference held yesterday morning in the Sinopoli room of the Theatre. From 22 October 2023 to 28 May 2024 they will be twenty-eight appointments are scheduled (in addition to the New Year’s Concert), which embrace multiple genres and diversify the Theater’s “governance” proposal which aims to involve and retain last year’s audience, also intercepting a new “target” of spectators.

The meeting was also attended by the regional councilor for Tourism, Sport and Entertainment Elvira Amata, the councilor Roberto Cicala (representing the mayor Basile), the representatives of the “Corelli” Conservatory and the three historic musical associations (Filarmonica Laudamo, Accademia Philharmonic and Vincenzo Bellini association) who will be involved in joint programs. Also present were the school directors of the “Antonello” and “La Farina-Basile” high schools who respectively take care of the hostess service and the graphic image for the entire season.
The press conference was held by commissioner Orazio Miloro and superintendent Gianfranco Scoglio who promoted the season on the basis of the work started by the artistic directors in recent years.
And here is a summary of the billboard presented. The prose section is large, including classic and contemporary texts, drama and comedies, including Pirandello’s “Così è se vi pare” with Milena Vukotic and Agatha Cristie’s “Mousetrap”, starring the talented and well-known Ettore Bassi. Prominent presence and return to the Vittorio of Sergio Rubini who, in “The Jekyll Case”, is a performer of strong acting intensity and confident direction. But several brilliant comedy titles, queens at the box office, will also be staged, with actors such as Massimo Lopez and Tullio Solenghi, Biagio Izzo, Emanuela Aureli and Chiara Francini. The offer is expanded with the scathing incursion of Sabina Guzzanti, director and actor with Giorgio Tirabassi, of “The green hills of Africa”. For the wide-ranging contemporary drama “Fratellina” with Francesco Sframeli and Spiro Scimone, recently awarded as best novelty in the field of the Masks of the Italian Theatre, the two artists, from Messina, such as Maurizio Marchetti, Antonio Alveario, Francesco Calogero, respectively interpreters and director of “The Changes of Seasons”. There is no shortage of added value which is “Volere volare” the company of young people with disabilities directed by Giovanna Manetto who will surely capture and move the public. In the musical field, several symphony concerts conducted by masters of national caliber have been scheduled.
For opera, it will be Verdi’s Aida, an opera linked to the days of the Messina earthquake, to be produced by the Theatre, after Norma, which was recently staged with the co-production with the Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation which received, as was underlined, positive feedback from national critics. Many concerts are scheduled, from author music with Noa, a refined and sensitive Israeli artist, or the concert by Peppe Servillo, Fabrizio Bosso and Javier Girotto in “Thoughts and words, the poetic universe of Lucio Battisti”. Great space for musicals, a genre increasingly appreciated by the general public, especially young ones, which will be inaugurated with the famous “Cats” with Malika Ayane, directed and adapted by Massimo Romeo Piparo who will also direct Max Giusti in “Il marchese del grillo”. One of the many artists from Messina who embellish the billboard, like everything from Messina, is the musical “L’inganno di Pinocchio”, directed by Paride Acacia and Sarah Lanza. The musical “The Little Prince” with the Messina actress Adele Tirante, “Beauty and the Beast” produced by the young Andrea Bernava and the famous “Rapunzel” with Lorella Cuccharini will also be staged. Other colors of music with “The black blues brothers show”, theater and acrobatic dance or gospel in the Christmas events culminating with the long-awaited New Year’s Concert led by the baton of maestro Salvatore Percacciolo.
To close the music page, as has been underlined today, an important element is the presence ofOrchestra of the Vittorio Emanuele Theater, protagonist of all the orchestral performances, such as the symphony concert that will open the season, Sunday at 7pm, “Homage to the melodrama overture”, directed by the Messina maestro Orazio Baronello. The costs of the subscriptions, which include 10 drama shows and one music show, have not increased and with tickets costing three euros for students, the theater awaits the historic audience but also the new one, the young, always lively and warm who must watch to the stage as a space of provocation and nourishment.