1.5 million loan for the reorganization of the Vibo Museum


By John

«The Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiulianosigned the decrees concerning the Strategic Plan “Major Cultural Heritage Projects”what the “Resource programming for the 2024 year” also provides the financing of 1,500,000 euros for the set-up, redevelopment and restoration of the Vito Capialbi National Archaeological Museum in Vibo Valentia». This was declared by Filippo Demma, Director of the Calabria Regional Museums Directorate, to which the Vibo museum belongs.

Also in Calabria, the MiC also allocated 500,000 euros for the archaeological excavation work and multimedia installation in the Cathedral of Gerace and 1,500,000 euros for the restoration of the Cathedral Basilica of Reggio Calabria.
The Strategic Plan for Major Cultural Heritage Projects aims to relaunch the country's territorial competitiveness with interventions and investments in assets and sites of notable national interest and importance for which it is necessary and urgent to carry out organic protection, redevelopment, valorisation and cultural promotion projects, also with the aim of increasing the supply and demand for use.

At the basis of the Plan is a strategy which sees the sectors of culture and tourism as essential and inseparable components for employment and the development of the national economy. «The new allocation – underlines Demma – clearly shows how Calabria is at the center of the attention of the Ministry of Culture. The process of valorising and relaunching the museum reality of Vibo and, in general, Calabria continues. Thanks to the work done in recent years, to the improvement of visit and reception standards, to a new impetus to educational services and relations with the territory, given by the director Dr. Maurizio Cannatà, the National Archaeological Museum of Vibo Valentia can once again be counted among the great cultural sites of the region, with a net increase in visitors of more than 80% in 2023 compared to 2022 and more than doubling pre-pandemic attendance levels : the objective is to continue in this direction.”