52-year-old from Palmi tries to enter San Pietro with a knife, arrested


By John

He was blocked by police officers from the Rome Police Headquarters at the filters in St. Peter’s Square with a knife. For this reason, a 52-year-old man from Palmi was arrested by the police. According to what has been learned, it happened this morning and a police officer during the check he suffered a slight bruise on his leg judged to be healable in ten days. The man was checked, as always happens on the occasion of the Sunday Angelus at the pre-filtering on via della Conciliazione at the height of the propylaea, long before St. Peter’s Square.
At first he refused to have the contents of the bag he had with him checked, but once forced he opened it and took out the knife with which he also slightly injured the officer in charge of the checks. He was immediately immobilized, after a brief struggle and arrested. From what we learn, he is a person with mental disorders.