A 70-year-old from Cropalati ends up on a slope, seriously


By John

A van goes off the road, overturns and ends up on an embankment, while the driver is rescued and transferred by air ambulance to Cosenza.
The daring accident occurred late in the morning along a road in the territory of the municipality of Cropalati. Driving the vehicle, as far as we know, was a 70-year-old man, a trader who appears to have his own business in the Destro hamlet which falls within the Municipality of Longobucco.
The man was traveling along the road that connects the two municipalities when at a certain point he lost control of the van which ended up in a ravine and overturned on itself. The causes that led the vehicle to end up off the road are still to be clarified and we are trying to reconstruct all the dynamics of the accident, whether there were other vehicles involved or whether or not the man driving suffered an illness. Despite the terrible accident, the driver appears to have still been conscious when the emergency vehicles arrived at the scene of the accident, including the 118 ambulance and the firefighters of the Rossano detachment.
The intervention of the 115 men was providential in reaching the point where the van ended its run after overturning.