Elections in Vibo, the centre-left… isn’t there. The center-right looks beyond Limardo


By John

Six months after the administrative elections, the political picture is still uncertain, to put it mildly, in Vibo Valentia. The traditional poles – center-right and center-left – are desperately trying to regroup, but there are a series of centrifugal forces that push for fractures or perhaps ruptures that risk marking the course of the times. That the scenario could even be quadripolar is demonstrated first and foremost by the tensions of recent weeks.
The hottest front, it is useless to point out, remains the progressive one. After the candidacy of Enzo Romeo, former president of the Province, who is already in the electoral campaign for the Democratic Party and other civic forces, and on whom the Italian Left and the Greens could easily converge, the other partners of the political table – M5S, Progressists and Social Humanism – were keen to point out that only a step backwards by the latter could make it possible to reconnect the threads of a coalition that practically no longer exists.