A “light” Messina towards Avellino


By John

Putting other points in the box, first of all for survival and then who knows, to lull that dream (playoff) which the owners have been aiming for for some time and which they relaunched before the winter transfer window: with this spirit Messina will travel to Avellino, to face a team that is currently third but which after the last round of winter negotiations appears to be among the best equipped in the group, if not the strongest. This is looking at the workforce, then there is the field that will have to provide feedback.
Up front the Irpinia players will find a trusted opponent, fresh from four consecutive useful results, relieved by being out of the hot zone of the rankings and motivated to continue on the recent positive path. Since the start of the second round, Messina and Avellino have obtained the same points, 10 points in 5 games, numbers that speak clearly about the moment that the Peloritani are experiencing, with a high ranking score. The Campanians, fresh from the success in Monopoli (Patierno from the spot), will however want to make up for the last internal misstep with Sorrento, who passed to the “Partenio” with even ten men, but also the defeat of the first leg against the “Franco Scoglio” . In short, the motivations, it seems clear, will do a lot in this match, with Messina who, in reality, will be able to “play” on two results, without the worry of having to win at all costs. While the green and whites are forced not to make mistakes if they want to aim for first place.
Then there are the “dynamics” of the field. Double ration of work yesterday for Acr. They all worked as a group with the exception of Polito and Pacciardi: for them they differentiated in the pool with the aim of recovering from their respective physical problems. Emmausso has completely recovered from severe pain in his quadriceps due to a knee received on Saturday during the match. Mixed ranks match scheduled for today on the synthetic pitch of the “Scirea” of Santa Lucia del Mela. It will be an opportunity for coach Giacomo Modica to start testing the anti-Avellino formation.
Fumagalli will return between the posts. With Salvo disqualified for three matches (the club should appeal), Lia is likely to still play on the right even if he is not at 100 percent. On the left the returning Ortisi more than Zona, in the middle towards the confirmation Dombravanu next to Manetta. In three for two play shirts, with Frisenna and Franco having the advantage over Florence. For the rest, Zunno, Emmausso and Rosafio are “on fire”. Plescia or Luciani in front.