A Messina that always tries and wants to collect. Modica: “We are 5 points away”


By John

Messina counts the points won and not the points lost. For the second time in the season, after Avellino (another 1-0), the Giallorossi also obtained the entire stake against Giugliano, redeeming the bitter draw against Casertana, in a recovery in which the points lost had been two, added to those of the previous weeks.
Last Sunday we saw a more convinced and combative Messina at the end, while always taking risks. The mistake is the same: the team, after the lead, lowers the pace, leaving space and maneuver to the opponents: «We were in good shape and organized, but we were afraid of not winning and we also had difficulty due to the heat. We suffered because we stooped too low to maintain the victory”, admitted coach Giacomo Modica, explaining what attitude he wants from his team: “They must not manage but continue to play, because with performances you win more matches”. Messina succeeded for most of the match, but the Giallorossi coach wants something more: «For 75 minutes I saw very positive things, especially on the right chain which worked very well
Polito on the left and attitude. «I had put Polito on the left to stay a little more blocked and give Ragusa more space, but things didn’t go very well – admitted Modica -. I have to praise the boys though, they did well after an important match in which we gained little. With a bit of luck we recovered what we left.”
Management and “closure” of the result. To be reviewed, Modica reiterates, the management of the result and the ability to close the matches early, to avoid risking possible comebacks like against Turris and Casertana. Two draws that have slowed down Messina, so far with 9 points in the standings (and one game less): «I’m not happy with the 9 points but we have them and we’re holding on to them. We lack two points against Turris, two against Casertana and one in Francavilla, but then perhaps we had something more against Avellino and Giugliano. The team – underlined the coach – is working well, is growing and every match brings rhythm, substance and enthusiasm».
“Positive” squabbles. In order not to add to the regrets, greater attention and coolness will be needed in front of goal, guaranteeing serenity and avoiding episodes such as the long-distance spat between Fumagalli and Emmausso: «There was nervousness because we were afraid of losing two more points. It all ended there, they hugged and joked together in the locker room. It’s ugly to see, but it fits in that moment of suffering. I also got angry with Manetta who wanted to imitate Cabrini on the right and exposed us to too many dangers. Generosity yes, but without exaggerating.”