Persecutory acts against his partner and drug checks: two arrests in Lamezia


By John

The prevention and repression of widespread crime by the Carabinieri Company continues Lamezia Terme. The area of ​​operation was the coastal stretch of the Lamezo area. In addition to road traffic controls, the Departments have implemented procedures to combat cases of gender violence and drug dealing. The Carabinieri of the Gizzeria station have implemented an order for the precautionary custody of the house arresti, with application of the electronic bracelet, against PD, a 42-year-old from Gizzeria, held responsible for persecutory acts, injuries and damage towards a woman with whom he had had a romantic relationship. From the investigations carried out by the Carabinieri, under the directives of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Lamezia Terme, it emerged that the man allegedly hit the woman several times for reasons of jealousy, limiting her freedom to maintain relationships and use social networks, to the point of turning her house upside down, tearing her underwear and violently damaging her television and cell phone. The woman turned to the military personnel who immediately applied the procedures required for the so-called “red code”, introduced with law no. 69 /2019, which provides for the application of a series of measures aimed at strengthening and speeding up procedures for the protection of victims of domestic and gender violence crimes.

The investigations and investigations of the Carabinieri, under the careful direction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Lamezia Terme, have made it possible to demonstrate that the man, through violent, aggressive and prevaricating behaviour, would have generated a state of fear towards the victim such as to alter their daily habits in an incisive way. The investigating judge of the Court of Lamezia Terme, agreeing with the investigative evidence collected during the investigation, as there are serious indications of guilt in relation to the prefigured crimes, applied the precautionary measure of house arrest and the application of the electronic bracelet against him.

During a patrol service aimed at repressing the phenomenon of drug dealing, the Carabinieri of the Nocera Terinese station, as a result of targeted initiative activities, the conditions set out in art. 380 cpp, they proceeded to the mandatory arrest of CH, a 42-year-old Moroccan, known to the police, as he was caught in the flagrant illegal possession of 7 gr. of cocaine, divided into doses, various cutting material, as well as a scale and material for packaging the narcotic. The carabinieri, while carrying out a checkpoint along the SS18, became suspicious of some movements of people towards the wooded areas along the Savuto river, intercepted the man who, once subjected to a personal search pursuant to art. . 103 of 309/1990, was found in possession of the narcotic substance divided into doses. Since the conditions for compulsory arrest in the state of flagrant crime existed, the subject was arrested and, on the orders of the Public Prosecutor on duty at the Lamezia Terme Prosecutor’s Office, taken to his home. The arrest was validated by the GIP of the Court of Lamezia Terme who, having considered the serious indications of guilt in relation to the prefigured crime and specific precautionary requirements to be well founded, ordered the precautionary measure of house arrest against him. The related criminal proceedings are pending at the preliminary investigation stage.