A Messina that lives up to your dreams. Another test of awareness in Brindisi


By John

What a show! Messina also beats Brindisi and continues its journey as an aware team, strong in its strengths, capable of suffering and then united in rowing towards the same direction. Test of maturity in Puglia, sly performance, match made own with the individuals who once again made the difference: Zunno is in extraordinary form, sensational as a “false new player” as well as as a winger. Then Captain Ragusa was relaunched as a starter, with his dazzling pace exploited in the restart “rewarded” by Emmausso. Then again Rosafio and a midfield that ensures quality and quantity. Modica shuffled the cards at the back, also in view of the close matches, as admitted in the “Fanuzzi” post match: behind Polito next to Manetta, Dumbravanu moved to the left, Salvo as starter on the right. Then shirts reassigned in the second half, probably on Wednesday we will see Ortisi on the left and Lia on the right, with Manetta and Dumbra in the centre. Florence will return, it will be curious to understand if he will take the place of one of Frisenna or Franco, also considering that a lot of Modica's choices depend on the type of match that the coach wants and will want to play. It's difficult to touch the “fire front”, but clearly there is the other solution of a Plescia who is pawing the ground (could it be Rosafio's turn to rest from the start and be used as a weapon in progress?).
Feet on the ground remain a must, but with players in this state of form, continuing to fly is possible. On the horizon between Wednesday and Sunday there are two very tough matches, Crotone and then Benevento: high-altitude teams, in potential or in reality, but who will play attacking and against whom Messina will be able to continue to exploit their weapons, given which has proven to do particularly well against those who are above or who aspire to be there.
Crotone will be a wounded opponent, given that on Saturday they threw away the match against Giugliano, wasting the double advantage acquired in the first half and arousing the ire of the new coach Silvio Baldini. This is why an equipped but injured opponent represents a new high-level test for Messina who, even without officially admitting it, can aspire (the ranking says so, -1 from tenth Sorrento, +10 from fifth-last Sorrento) to place playoffs.