Meloni from Washington announces: “Chico Forti will return to Italy after 24 years of detention in the USA”


By John

“I am happy to announce that after 24 years of detention in the United States theauthorization for Chico Forti's transfer to Italy, a result resulting from the diplomatic commitment of this government, the collaboration with the State of Florida and with the United States government which I thank. It is a day of joy for Chico, for his family, for all of us. We promised it, we did it and now we are waiting for Chico Forti in Italy.” Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni thus announced, in a video released in Washington, his most tangible result of the visit to the White Housewhere he discussed with Joe Biden the priorities of the G7 agenda, of which Italy holds the rotating presidency.

For many years, various governments had been doing their utmost to have Forti returned to Italy to serve the life sentence inflicted on him in 2000 by a Florida court for the premeditated murder of an Australian businessman, of which he has always maintained his innocence. The Meloni executive now crowns these efforts in favor of the former surfer and television producer from Trentino. “An extraordinary result of the Italian Government and diplomacy. Proud of our officials. In silence we continue to achieve important results”, commented the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio on Tajani. “It's excellent news, also the result of the government's commitment and seriousness. Another promise kept”, echoed the deputy prime minister and infrastructure minister Matteo Salvini. The family members and also rejoice Franco Ianesellimayor of Trento, his city: “In recent years, the distance from home has made Chico's detention even harder. Now a new life begins for him, in his country, close to his loved ones. Finally the hope of many has become reality.”

Andrea Bocelli was also on the fieldworking behind the scenes and also speaking with the Italian-American governor of the Sunshine State Ron DeSantis, while in recent weeks his wife Veronica would have addressed the topic directly with Biden.

However, the final word belonged to DeSantis, after the Biden administration had given its green light (as Trump's had previously done). The Florida leader first gave his “conditional approval” to Forti's surrender more than three years ago, even though Miami-Dade prosecutors prosecuting him had opposed the transfer, demanding guarantees that the inmate would actually serve time. his sentence, without reductions. The victim's family and the Australian government said they agreed with the decision to have Forti serve the remainder of his sentence in Italy and yesterday Ryan Newman, DeSantis' legal advisor, sent a letter to the US Department of Justice stating that Florida agreed to the transfer now because federal authorities said it “is in the national interest as it is beneficial to promoting the relationship between the governments of Italy and the United States.”

Forti, now 65, has always insisted on his innocence in a case considered controversial, even compared to that of Amanda Knox, the American accused of murder in Italy but who was eventually cleared. In 1990 he participated in the television quiz show Telemike and, by presenting himself on the history of windsurfing, he won a large sum of money with which he moved to the USA, divorcing his Italian wife and marrying an American model, Heather Crane. So he began a sporting career in windsurfing and then, after a car accident, as a producer of extreme sports films.

Forti is accused of murdering Anthony “Dale” Pike, who was shot in the head in 1998 in Miami.. Pike had flown to the Florida city to discuss a proposed deal between Forti and his father, Tony Pike, who had agreed to sell him a resort in Ibiza, which became famous during the 1980s, when Queen singer Freddie Mercury celebrated his birthday there 41/0 birthday of him. According to the prosecution, Tony Pike suffered from dementia and Forti attempted to deceive him. When cornered, Forti admitted picking Pike up at the airport but always denied shooting him, claiming he left him at a restaurant. A key piece of evidence used to link Forti to the murder was the sand found in his car, sand typical of the beach where the body was found.