A penalty from Barillà 4′ from the end gives Reggina the derby with Locri


By John

Reggina-Locri 1-0
Markers: 41′ st Barillà (pen).
Reggina (4-3-1-2): Velcea 6; Martiner 5.5, Girasole 6, Ingegneri 6, Zanchi 5.5 (13′ Marras 5.5); Mungo 5.5, Salandria 5.5 (34′ st Barillà 6.5), Porcino 5.5 (21′ st Rosseti 6) ; Perr 5.5 (21′ st Provazza 6); Altamura 5.5 (13′ st Cham 5.5), Bolzicco 5.5. Available: Fecit, Simonetta, Kremenovic, Parodi. Coach: Trocini 5,.5.
Locri (3-5-2): Lanziani 6.5; Lucà 6, Di Venosa 6, Aquino 5.5, Greco 6 (43′ st Costa sv), Cuzzilla 6 (34′ st Pasqualino sv); Diakhate 6.5, Marin 6, Morrone 6 (34′ st Comito sv); Marsico 6, Pappalardo 6. Available: Galea, Bruzzese, Pipicella, De Leonardis, Misefari, Moreira. Coach: Iervasi. 6.5.
Note: Booked: Lucà, Greco, Aquino, Pasqualino, Rosseti. Spectators 3820 including 105 guests. Recovery time: 0′ and 4′. Corners 6-1.
Referee: Testaì of Catania 6

REGGIO CALABRIA | A penalty from Barillà, less than five minutes from time, gives Reggina three points that folds a good Locri within friendly walls. The proportions of the result and the contingencies of the decisive episode give the measure of a particularly painful victory for the home team, which for a long time was unable to impose its game against the less popular guests. In the all-Reggio match, Trocini’s team struggled terribly to build goalscoring actions, they hit the solid defensive phase of the Ionian team who, especially in the first half, also had the right balls to take the lead. With the three points won, Reggina moves into fifth place, grabbing the last useful place for access to the play offs. Locri remains in the lower areas of the table, but coming out of a match that can give them new awareness as a result of a performance of absolute value. The difference in the economy of the match was made by one episode, after an entire match where on the scale of performances, in relation to the absolute value of the two squads, the guests had clearly gained preference.