A2A, in Calabria “800 million investments are needed for hydroelectric”


By John

Hydroelectric energy represents the first renewable source in Italy. In 2022, prolonged periods of drought resulted in a reduction of 36 billion cubic meters. Calabria is the first among the southern regions for installed hydroelectric power, the eighth in Italy. Between 2013 and 2021 the contribution to local renewable production was on average 24%, while in ’22 the share was reduced to 17% due to the drought, which led to a loss of 360 GWh of clean energy. A study carried out by A2A quantifies the necessary investments in pumping, mini-hydro and plant repowering projects to recover up to 500 GWh/year of energy in Calabria at approximately 800 million euros in 10 years – 130% of production lost in ’22 – with direct economic benefits in the area amounting to 800 million and around 1 billion for related activities. This is what emerged during the A2A meeting on the topic «Without water. Too much water” held in Gizzeria in the presence of Renato Mazzoncini, CEO of A2A and the president of the Calabria Region Roberto Occhiuto and introduced by the director of Il Sole 24 Ore Fabio Tamburini.

«We have 42% renewable energy – said Mazzoncini – and of this 40% is hydroelectric. We are the third largest country in Europe. The problem is that the basins were built 60 years ago and major interventions are needed to return to historical production. It is undeniable that the level of rainfall has systematically decreased over the last 10 years. So for these plants to continue producing we need to get our hands on them. On this we have also hypothesized very important investments in Calabria.”

«Many times – said Occhiuto – we talk about the resources of the Pnrr, of the Development and Cohesion Fund but if we in Calabria were to intervene as we must do on the large-scale adduction networks and distribution networks managed by the Municipalities, the resources of the Pnrr and the FSC would not be enough. There is a need to have the contribution of companies like A2A both as regards the management of the water service and as regards the production of hydroelectric energy which, I would like to remind you, is the primary source of production for renewable energy”.