Abramo Customer Care crisis in Calabria, temporary employees will not go to the polls


By John

They will not go to vote in the European elections and invite citizens to show solidarity with them by doing the same. They are the five hundred employees who live in Crotone from the “Abraham customer care», companies in the call center sector, for which dismissal was announced from 30 June.
Overall, in Calabria, the dispute affects over a thousand workers. In addition to the 500 employees at the Crotone headquarters, there are around 300 in Cosenza and 200 in Catanzaro.

The crisis situation arose due to Tim's failure to renew the order from the Crotone company, which is in extraordinary administration due to its financial problems.
The workers staged a protest demonstration in Crotone during which dozens of people deposited their voter cards in special containers which will be delivered to the prefect.
“We will put our right and duty as elective citizens back in the hands of the local government authority, and therefore of the State – the employees argued in a document. Losing 500 jobs is equivalent, in this area, to economic and social death. Men and women without work are deprived of dignity and of a real citizenship, but we do not intend to give up, nor do we want to give up and this fight must see us united. What we ask citizens is to be with us.”